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High Desert Sauce Co - Snailmate - Stress-ier Hot Sauce

High Desert Sauce Co - Snailmate - Stress-ier Hot Sauce

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You're stressed! It would be weird if you weren't. Did you know the body's reaction to spicy food is to release endorphins & dopamine? Those are happy brain chemicals. Think of this sauce as a deliciously painful band-aid for your crappy life. Its made with local cold brewed coffee, aleppo & chocolate habanero peppers... seriously, you've never tasted anything like this. HDSC killed it with this sauce, we just slapped our stupid band name on it. We really hope you like it. Oh yeah, we make music too.

Ingredients: Peppers (Aleppo, Chocolate Habanero), Vinegar (Distilled, Cider), Cold Brewed Coffee (Water & Coffee), Dates, Black Garlic, Sea Salt

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