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Super Hot HOT SAUCE SET 6 Sauces

Super Hot HOT SAUCE SET 6 Sauces

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This premium set of 6 hot sauces includes 

Haff's Hot Sauce More Cow Bell - Heat 9/10 (scoville unknown)

Hellfire Fear This - Heat 10/10 (scoville unknown)

Hellfire Tangerine Hell (Limited Edition Bottle) (scoville unknown)

Hellfire Firearrhea - approx. 1.9 million Scoville 

Puckerbutt Reaper Squeezin's- approx. 2+ million Scoville  

These sauces are extremely hot, please handle with caution. 


All 5oz bottles. Heat levels will vary.

Save $$ by getting this box set (price listed includes this discount!)

Please read individual descriptions for more information on each sauce. 















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