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SMOKEHOUSE Carolina Reaper Turkey Jerky

SMOKEHOUSE Carolina Reaper Turkey Jerky

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Carolina Reaper Turkey Jerky

If you have the guts, literally, and want to taste the world’s hottest pepper in turkey jerky, then you’ve come to the perfect place.

This jerky is not for the faint of heart – novice consumers should take extreme caution when partaking in the world's hottest jerky.

We blended our premium turkey jerky with Carolina Reaper peppers – a true savage known to be the cause of tears (and fears) worldwide. People who love throat-searing, lava-like heat will take a liking to this smoking hot jerky.

Know a friend who’s into the hot stuff? Share the spice with your buddy – be sure to have a glass of milk ready; you never know when the heat will take you down!

Made in United States of America