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African Dream - Safari Smoke Seasoning

African Dream - Safari Smoke Seasoning

African Dream
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Adds a natural smoky flavor to any meal without ever having to go near the grill! Simply sprinkle on your favorite avocado toast — or even blend it with avocado to create a smoky flavor for guacamole or wherever you want to add smoke. If you are not vegan, this is also perfect on meats and fish no matter if it’s grilled, fried, or oven-baked. Paprika peppers are wood smoked for more than 24 hours to give this seasoning its bold smoky taste.


Don’t worry about tending to fires or wondering if you will have enough heat to cook; our smoke seasoning gives any dish the hit of smoke that it deserves!


Our recipe developers had a field day with this one and ended up adding it to some awesome campfire baked potatoes and some buffalo-style chicken wings! This smoke seasoning comes in a convenient grinder and all it takes is one twist to add an incredible depth of flavor to your cooking.


This is going to become your new pantry essential, so go ahead and add more smoky flavor into your life!


All of our products are all-natural, NO preservatives, NO colorants, NO MSG, 100% gluten-free, and vegan friendly.



Smoked Paprika (47%), Dried Garlic, Sea Salt, Basil